28: A Busy Week in the DAO

28:1 Work In Progress

There’s a TON happening this week in the DAO, so let’s start out with the votes and verifications in progress.

If you haven’t yet, jump over and get Ale verified for her vote in the verify-me channel. There are also four votes currently in progress:

PEP – 49: PNI Compensation (Amended)

This vote allocates Pokt to PNI for use in their employee vesting program.

PEP-50: Continuation of Independent Pocket Network Reddit Marketing

This vote continues the Reddit posting that TheDoc (Ambassador) has been doing.

PEP-51: Cryptocorn Asks for Reimbursement of Energies (CARE)

Cryptocorn is seeking reimbursement for the work he’s put in across a number of economics proposals.

PEP-52: Translate Pocket Foundation Articles of Association into Chinese

This vote pays Bruce Yin for translation work for the DAO.

All four of these are yes votes for me, but be sure to read them for yourself.

In the pre-proposal category, there is a pending proposal for additional inflation reduction called Sustainable Emission Reduction (SER), which seeks to set an ongoing predictable drop in inflation resulting in a single digit inflation within two years. It also seeks to create an effective cap on total supply. Art has mentioned in public chats that PNI is considering a proposal to drop inflation more aggressively, so we’ll see where things up when it comes time to vote.

And a little birdie just told me we might see a revised LeanPokt proposal hit the GRIP team soon. Stay tuned for that.

28:2 Bounty Hunters and Salarymen

I started a thread over the weekend about some of the friction we have in compensating DAO contributors:

I would like to open a conversation here about reducing that friction with some standardized guidelines around the following:

  • Appraising work performed, both in reimbursement for past work, and in assessment of estimating future work (building on @shane ‘s value model). This also needs to account for regional cost of living variances, as work performed in Los Angeles is far more expensive than work performed in Bangalore, for example.
  • Determine a standard term for forward looking work (@TheDoc ‘s 3 month term seems to have been palatable to the DAO), and standard practices for evaluating the work performed during that term (there is potentially some specific expertise needed to evaluate the quality of work performed, and the impact on the protocol/DAO/community at large depending on the work performed).
  • Streamline the creation of new bounties with clear deliverables for recurring service providers with discrete offerings (economics, translation, design, development, etc.). Given what we’ve seen with content and development bounties, this seems to be the most frictionless way to get specific contributions accomplished, and comes with the flexibility to adjust bounty rewards as needed.

The hope is that we can have a standard set of published guidelines which make it easy for new participants in the DAO to easily contribute in meaningful ways, and get paid for their efforts.

In the midst of the conversation, we also met new contributor @h5law, who has been crushing it on protocol bounties for v1, who had this to say:

I really believe in this project and can see @Olshanksy has an excellent mind for not only the work that he does but also in how he can see what needs to be done. For this reason, I think the bounties are an amazing way to get people (like myself) working on building this protocol into what it is meant to be. The tasks are very well outlined, and this makes working on them easy to get into. Their evaluations are fair. I believe @Olshansky and @jdaugherty assign them values after discussing the task. I think it is unrealistic to think about hourly wages when it comes to the bounty system and instead, it should be focused on the impact of the task at hand. There should be no penalties for work done efficiently and fast.

It’s nice to see that some of our system are either working well, or on the way to working well, in allowing for easy onboarding of talent. See the latest RAD (Reward and Decentralize) update here for the current state of open bounties in the ecosystem. B3n also checked in to let us know that “Sockets” are coming, a seed grant style system for larger projects, and an RFP process.

The IDEAS program continues to hand out rewards for meaningful suggestions within the ecosystem, and this month has been no exception. See what got paid out in the latest IDEAS update.

28:3 The Division Bell

As PNF emerges as a distinct entity in the ecosystem following the passage of PIP-26, the Foundation has begun to push hard to establish a clear identity for the DAO moving forward. I encourage EVERYONE to read about the Pocket DNA, and to fill out the associated survey here. Additionally, take a look at the Roles and Responsibilities, and the Goals and Roadmap that the Foundation Directors have laid out.

I’m excited for the future of the DAO, and to see the amount of work coming out of the Foundation this quickly after the PIP-26 vote is highly encouraging. Stay tuned for a number of new initiatives.

That’s all for this week. See you on Twitter.