21: Thankful for Privacy

21:1 What’s under your Mask? With an updated Privacy Statement from ConsenSys this week indicating they collect IP and wallet address information as part of using MetaMask, the need for privacy came to the forefront again in the web3 space. ‼️ PROTECT YOUR PRIVACY‼️ With the recent news that Metamask/Infura is collecting your IP and Read More

20: Future Proof

20:1 State of the Union On Thursday, the Pocket team and ecosystem members met in Tampa to provide a state of the union both internally and in the community. A number of providers and investors were represented, and the day was packed with presentations on the team’s goals, financial health, progress, and continuing vision. Videos Read More

19: Explosive Decompression

19:1 Soooo…That Happened As even the shoeshine boy now knows, the largest single implosion of an exchange happened in spectacular fashion this week, as FTX proved to be insolvent to the tune of a 9 to 1 ratio on liabilities to assets. The contagion is still working its way through the space at the time Read More

18: Anniversary

18:1 Resurrection Yes, I know. It’s been months since I put in a post. Despite having lived through several bear markets in the past, I was caught off guard by the swift ferocity of the global macro shift, the ongoing grinding war in Ukraine, and the economic fallout from all of the above. And it Read More

17: Coming Soon

By this time next week, there will be a significant growth in network relays. Stay tuned.

16: Pocket Blasting Off

16:1 Green For Go Relay volume on Pocket Network started showing signs of shaking off the sluggishness that comes with a bear market this week. The top 5 chains all showed significant growth in the last 24 hours, and even lower traffic chains were waking up, with Avalanche showing a 31% increase: Polygon, Fuse, and Read More

15: To Be Continued

I’ve struggled with how to articulate my thoughts during what is not just a bear market, but also global upheaval. As such, I decided to continue the break this week. I hope by Sunday there’s a better environment to write about.

13: A Rocket In My Pocket

13:1 Some T With Your Pokt The enterprising team at Thunderhead dropped tPOKT on Saturday, a Polygon wrapped ERC-20 representative of native Pokt. The tPOKT token is backed by native Pokt tokens locked in staked nodes on Thunderhead’s node farms. Each block, if the staked nodes earn rewards, that value is rebased into the value Read More

12: The Fall Of The Resistance

12:1 A Slow Climb Upwards After several weeks of the doldrums caused by a market wide crash, $POKT broke $1.30 on the exchanges this weekend and stayed there, potentially setting up a new floor at the previous resistance of $1.29. And, after what seemed like a number of early speculators taking profits, the 24 hour Read More