30: A Change Of Cadence

When this blog was started about 15 months ago, the community was much smaller, and there was no central “news” source. As part of the work I was doing to help build the community, I decided to start this up to document all of the amazing things that were happening along the way, including the growth of relays on the network, the new chains coming on, and various other community developments.

But, it was some labor to do so. On average, the posts took anywhere from 4-6 hours apiece to grab all of the relative info from various places and format them into something useful and informative. At times, it was difficult to get them written with everything else I’m responsible for in my schedule, which is why this was also a once a week publication.

Since then, we’ve had significant community growth, and a number of other contributors to the ecosystem who have helped report that information. One of the best of these has been PoktNews, the Twitter account who has done an excellent job of keeping near daily track of many of the things I would report on a weekly basis. Given the fine work they are doing, and the amount of time I spent trying to stay on a weekly cadence, I feel comfortable at this point letting go of that commitment.

I enjoy writing, and especially enjoy writing about our ecosystem, but I much prefer to be able to be thoughtful about my writing, versus feeling the need to meet a weekly deadline. From here on out, as long as PoktNews is keeping up with the news, I’m going to use my blog for what I prefer the most: thoughtful ponderings and analysis of the space, without the need to meet an arbitrary deadline. And that likely means I’ll drop back to a post or two a month versus weekly.

Should PoktNews vanish for whatever reason, I will resume the reporting from previously, but I’m grateful that we have other people in the space now carrying the load.