23: A Well Tuned Machine

23:1 No News Is Good News

It was actually a pretty chill week this week. DFK launched on Klaytn, which led to a sizable growth in relays. PoktScan launched their new interface, which features more details and a number of custom views which serve different users on the network. And Tory Green put out a great explainer on Pokt:

Near the end of the week, Don Shahan (On With Don) did a livestream about Pokt that is worth watching the recording:

There are a number of upcoming announcements and new features in the pipeline, so stay tuned.

23:2 Community, Governance, and Ecosystem

PIP-26 continues to be the most actively debated proposal in the forum. The general precept is simple; separate PNF in a credible way from PNI. There seems to be some points of contention about actual execution though. While I strongly support this proposal as a necessary step to establish the Foundation as a credibly neutral custodian for the protocol, community members Adam and Zatar both have considerations that they feel strong about before passing it. I won’t spend a lot of time recapping their arguments, but I strongly suggest reading through the conversation, and adding your own thoughts.

Hail Caesar! If you haven’t noticed, there has been extended macro and micro analysis posted by Caesar in both The Poktopus Den and the PoktoPrice trading channel. While he’s had a few usernames along the way, the critical thought about our ecosystem remains the same. A little birdy told me he might have an official Twitter account soon, so stay tuned. He’ll be one to watch.

23:3 /dev/null

One of the questions I get asked frequently is “what is the value of decentralization?”. It’s a relevant question, since so much of the space we we’re building in relies on the answer to that question. It’s  more work, and often more expensive, to build out in a decentralized ecosystem.

Pocket Network is focused on that, and I never talk to the team and don’t hear a new idea about how they can streamline the process, to make it easier for people who fundamentally just care about their app or network staying up without having to think about web3 as a concept.

I get it.

It’s not a CTO’s job to take a philosophical position on the future of decentralized infrastructure. They should think about it, but their core responsibility is to keep their application running. When decentralized services are as ubiquitous and NOT something to think about, we’ll know we’ve one. In the meantime, it’s on us to keep the mission moving forward.

That’s all for this week. See you on Twitter.