24: The Brain Storm

24:1 Community Content Bounties

Pocket wants your content! We launched a series of community bounties this morning for content generation from some of the big brains in our community. It doesn’t all have to be heavy technical content either; bounties range from short form blog posts to explainer videos to full on code complete dev tutorials. If you’re looking to make some extra $POKT before the holidays are over, now is your chance.

Each bounty has a “task points” value which specifies how much $POKT it pays out. The bounties are as follows:

So, head on over to the Dework board and get creating!

24:2 Pocket Sponsored OpenData Community Hackathon

The OpenData Community is a fast-growing open community founded by Gitcoin. Its mission is to protect web3 by fighting Sybil attackers and resisting recentralization at the data layer. 

A Sybil attack in action.

The January 2023 DataBuilder Hackathon ties the dual missions of the OpenData Community together, rewarding contestants who develop useful algorithms and implement anti-Sybil legos while also using OpenData technologies such as the decentralized node provider Pocket and the decentralized data provider Ocean Protocol.  

The DataBuilders OpenData Hackathon builds off the success of the first OpenData Community hackathon, which was sponsored and operated by Gitcoin.  Gitcoin is joined by a number of other sponsors who share an interest in the success of the mission of the OpenData Community including Pocket Network, Ocean Protocol, and TrueBlocks. Competing teams will utilize dencentralized technology to compete for up to $5K in prizes across a number of bounties including algorithmic lego blocks and round defense. 

The content runs from January 5th to January 30th, and applications will be opening soon, so head on over to their Discord to be a part.

24:3 Holiday Code Freeze and Office Hours Hiatus

Pocket has officially frozen the codebase until January 3rd, and the team is taking a well deserved gear down over the holidays. In keeping with that, we’re also pausing our Weekly Noderunners Office Hours call until January 4th. This blog will also pause until the 8th. Looking forward to seeing everyone again after the first of the year!

24:4 /dev/null

It’s been a pretty incredible year in the Pocket ecosystem, bear markets notwithstanding. We went from around 40MM daily relays a year ago to nearly 1.5BN daily relays now, which is just mind blowing. The team has turned out feature after feature, including massive upgrades like non-custodial staking. As we enter the new year, we’ll be on the race to v1, with all of the associated improvements, but most importantly, achieving a completely unstoppable and uncensorable levels of decentralization. I’m looking forward to seeing both decentralized gateway operators, and direct dapp staking to the protocol.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays, and until next year, I’ll see you on Twitter.