The Bull Case For POKT

Retail sentiment is one of those ephemeral things that moves like the wind, and as the token price has dropped over the last year, it’s fair to say that sentiment has been negative. Fortunately, this can be reversed with positive progress and strong messaging. While many “solutions” to Pokt’s down trend in pricing have been Read More

30: A Change Of Cadence

When this blog was started about 15 months ago, the community was much smaller, and there was no central “news” source. As part of the work I was doing to help build the community, I decided to start this up to document all of the amazing things that were happening along the way, including the Read More

29: Solving The Payment Pain Point

Instead of a long post this week, I really want you to head on over to the Compensation Structure for DAO Contributors thread on the forum. I think this is fundamentally one of the most important questions to solve for our DAO in order to streamline work being done on the path to v1. There Read More

28: A Busy Week in the DAO

28:1 Work In Progress There’s a TON happening this week in the DAO, so let’s start out with the votes and verifications in progress. If you haven’t yet, jump over and get Ale verified for her vote in the verify-me channel. There are also four votes currently in progress: PEP – 49: PNI Compensation (Amended) Read More

27: The Way Forward

It’s been a long couple of weeks for me, and during a time in which there was significant contention in the Pocket community over a number of issues currently at play, including the PEP-49 discussion, the clean division of PNF and PNI, and the foundation’s 2023 budget (as compared to 2022). As opposed to my Read More

26: A Moment

We will return next week. RIP Francis “Frank” Castellano. Your impact can not be overstated. I will remember you always.

25: The Year of the Pocket

25:1 A Year in Review Looking back over the last twelve months, it’s clear that…nah. You were all here for that. I’m not going to do a whole post about the protocol. No point. Here’s what I do know: we were the first, we’ve spent the most time troubleshooting this space, and I trust this Read More

24: The Brain Storm

24:1 Community Content Bounties Pocket wants your content! We launched a series of community bounties this morning for content generation from some of the big brains in our community. It doesn’t all have to be heavy technical content either; bounties range from short form blog posts to explainer videos to full on code complete dev Read More

23: A Well Tuned Machine

23:1 No News Is Good News It was actually a pretty chill week this week. DFK launched on Klaytn, which led to a sizable growth in relays. PoktScan launched their new interface, which features more details and a number of custom views which serve different users on the network. And Tory Green put out a Read More

22: The Love Storm

22:1 POKTSTORM We ran a community sponsored #POKTSTORM giveaway over the weekend, and asked people why they love Pocket Network. Here are our five favorite answers: @might_gy: Wallet: 22312505e6310a23e562d29ee31729435a9a678ePocket Network is my favourite because I have never seen so many incredible builders in an ecosystem before.It's amazing how everyone is trying to make Pocket Network Read More