07: A Very Pocket New Year

07:1 Billions and Billions Served Here’s a little crazy nugget for those of you who have been following this blog from the beginning: we’re now at the point where we’re completely nonchalant about the fact that we noderunners are serving up over a billion relays a week. Stop for a second and think about the Read More

06: The Ghost of Christmas Present

It’s going to be a tiny update this week, because it’s been Christmas, and we should all take a little break from thinking about crypto every now and then. The XMas 5K giveaway was pretty damn fun, and huge congrats to the winner, Joel: I wanna give a shot out to @LeaksBlockchain for turning me Read More

05: They Keep Falling Down

05:1 Bridging The Gap The wPOKT team announced this week that primary development of the wPOKT bridge has been completed, and is now in QA. The team is currently evaluating blockchain auditing firms to run aggressive security testing ahead of the planned LBP launch. Along the way, they’re inviting the community to participate in the Read More

04: It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like wPOKT

04:01 Wen bridge? It was another banging growth week for Pocket with 1.1BN relays processed after an AWS outage prompted a number of Harmony users to switch to the Pocket RPC endpoint, and the xDAI version of Dark Forest sending a huge burst of traffic through. ETH, Fuse, and Poly rounded out the top five Read More

03: This Is Not About Bitcoin

03:1 Pocket Network Growth After a week of declining relays around Thanksgiving (who knew that people don’t play with their dapps all day while hanging out with family?), the network was chugging like a freight train this week, pushing out 834MM relays and minting 7.4MM $POKT. Perennial top placers Harmony, Eth, and Fuse were the Read More

02: It’s Raining $POKT

02:1 Harmony Updates The Pocket engineering team successfully deployed an update this week to all public RPC endpoints to provide the “stickiness” required for the public Harmony endpoint outlined in last week’s update. According to Pocket’s weekly recap on Friday, this will also address some Metamask errors that had been reported, which means if you Read More

01: Genesis Block

01:1 Introduction Someone once told me “Never sweat the petty stuff, and never pet the sweaty stuff.” I’ve managed the former pretty well, but the latter is questionable. Hi. I’m The Poktopus. I’ll skip the formal introductions, but you can find my personal account and disclosures here: Disclosures: – I am not a Pocket team Read More